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Powerful Beacon Small and Durable beacon

This product supports Apple's standard ibeacon protocol, which is powerful, stable and stable in performance, and can be widely used in the fields of message push, indoor positioning and navigation, WeChat shake, data collection, asset management,inspecti

Product Details

Product Parameters

Powerful Beacon Small and Durable beacon 
Powerful Beacon Small and Durable beacon 
Product Name Powerful Beacon Small and Durable beacon 
Product material Silica gel
Product chip CSR1010,V4.1
Transmit power +7.5dbm
letter of agreement Standard ibeacon protocol
Broadcast power -18~+7.5dbm (adjustable)
Broadcast cycle 5000ms
Broadcast interval 100-10000ms (adjustable)
Transmission distance 80m
Battery model 1000mAh
Battery model CR2477
Battery Life 1-3 years
Product Size 36 (diameter) * 22 (height) mm

Product Usage

Indoor positioning

Combined with the software APP, it can give you more accurate navigation and information push indoors.
At the same time the background can also statistics the flow of people, and hot areas.

Smart Retail
Beacons in the store push links to promotions, featured items and coupons to people passing by.
They receive messages on their phones and go to the store to make purchases.

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