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The Party Organization Building Leads to Cohesive Centripetal Force The Party and The Aasses Work Together to Build an Ecological line
Release time: 2020-11-01
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    Union Smart and the Party organize the environmental protection hiking activity

      On October 31, Union Smart and The Party organized more than 20 employee volunteers to come to the east-west coastline of the Dapeng to carry out the "Guardian Ecoline Party Members Pioneer" environmental hiking experience activity. The group joins hands and calls on everyone to protect Shenzhen’s beautiful coastline with their own actions.

      Shenzhen’s east-west coastline is about 4 kilometers, and the hiking trail is about 9 kilometers, which lasts 6 hours. Along the way, you need to pass four original ecological beaches, climb 6 mountain peaks, and walk through several reef groups. To complete the collective trekking, a high degree of teamwork and tenacious willpower are required. Throughout the journey through experience activities, party members and cadres gave full play to their vanguard and exemplary role, party members with difficulties went first, and party members with problems resolved. The party members work together in a division of labor, and some party members take the lead to open the way to find the safest route; some party members are behind when encountering physically exhausted workers to help them and let the lagging behind follow. Under the leadership of party members and cadres, the union members worked together to lead all employees to complete the journey safely.


      During the traversing experience activities, party members found that many hiking enthusiasts left behind all kinds of garbage while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, casting a lingering shadow on the beautiful coastline and seriously affecting the ecological environment. In order to protect Shenzhen’s most beautiful coastline, party members and cadres took the lead to pick up plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper towels, food scraps and other garbage along the coastline with union members and employees with garbage bags, shovels and other tools, whether on the beach. It is still in the grass, and even the floating debris on the coast of the sea are all cleaned up, and the beach ecological environment is protected with practical actions.


    Through thisactivity, the participating employees tempered their will, exercised their physique, and enhanced their ability in field activities. They all expressed their gratitude to the party branch and the company’s labor union. In the future, the company’s care and training will be turned into a strong motivation to be positive and sunny. , Optimistic mentality, put more effort into the company's work.

     The east-west environmental protection hiking experience activity is based on the purpose of "barbaric physique and civilized spirit". The majority of party members give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, help and assist each other, further deepen party-mass exchanges, close ties, and enhance party organizations in the masses The appeal and influence in the At the same time, it is a very meaningful theme activity for the normalization of the two new party organizations and trade union organizations at the grassroots level to strengthen team integration, enhance unity, boost morale, and enhance employees' recognition of the corporate culture of enterprise party building leading industrial construction.
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