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Quickly Resume Production and Firm Development
Release time: 2020-03-12
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On March 11, 2020, Shenzhen TV Station Zhongchuang TV Channel came to Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, and reported that it actively responded to the national call and resumed work and self-reliance.

The company's party branch secretary and deputy general manager Tao Xixian, production director Luo Haojie, quality management manager Lan Qiuxian and electronics manager Zhang Yujun were interviewed respectively.

The epidemic situation is gradually controlled at any time, and the rally of enterprises to resume work and production has sounded, and China has ushered in a special "starting season". In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on production, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has introduced a number of measures to promote the resumption of work and production. Many companies are doing everything possible to help themselves and rescue them. Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. actively responded to the Shenzhen government's call , under the leadership of the company's general manager Jiang Kai, organized employees to resume work and resume production.

Facing difficulties such as workers returning to work, shortage of epidemic prevention materials, and poor logistics and transportation. Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd., like many small and medium-sized enterprises, is under great pressure to operate. But there are always more ways than difficulties, and the only choice is to resume production and develop firmly. "Difficulties are temporary. This is a crisis and an opportunity, and we have confidence in the next comprehensive recovery and development," said Jiang Kai, general manager of the company.

Measuring body temperature, spraying alcohol, passing through a disinfection tank, and receiving a mask are the "four-step walk" for employees of Union Smart Company. Tao Xixian, the secretary of Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. Party Branch, organized party members to set up a "pioneer team for resuming work and resuming production", established a strict responsibility system for epidemic prevention and emergency response mechanisms, and comprehensively carried out epidemic prevention work. Currently 90% of the employees have returned to work, and the company has basically entered the normal production office.

"The mountains and rivers are exotic, the wind and the moon are the same." Facing the "big test", the government, enterprises and employees work together to overcome difficulties. It is believed that small and medium-sized enterprises, including United Intelligence, will surely shine a brighter light on the market and jointly welcome a better tomorrow!
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