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Innovative application of NFC Batteryless E-ink EPD technology
                                                                                                    Innovative application of NFC Batteryless E-ink EPD technology

NFC Batteryless E-ink EPD tag combine E-ink EPD technology with NFC wireless power supply technology. This batteryless visual E-ink EPD tag is ultra thin. The overall thickness of the product is less than 7mm. Only need to use a little electricity when the display content is refreshed. With these distinctive features, this label is effectively distinguished from the traditional e-paper EPD tag with battery, and the life span is longer than the traditional e-paper EPD tag with battery. It is  more environmentally friendly to replace the battery.

Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd.( Union Smart - Web: www.uswiots.com) newly launched NFC batteryless E-ink EPD Tag can be widely used in shopping mall, warehousing, factory operations, hospital, aviation luggage tags and so on. It will be used to replace traditional paper labels, eliminating the need for printing and handwriting paper labels, which can greatly reduce the use of printing consumables and paper. The SDK secondary development kit provided by our company can communicate with the existing MES system and ERP system. It can greatly improve work efficiency, but also reduce labor costs and human error probability, through the system and the PDA handheld network, you can change the display content at any time, internal and external synchronization, convenient and easy to use.

In the application of turnover boxes and warehousing management projects in the supply chain, users must repeatedly print management labels to meet the needs of various artificial/automated management. The overall cost of printing and labeling is the existing burden of the enterprise, and the staff might also make errors during the operation due to misinterpretation of the label, resulting in management losses for the enterprise.

Through the NFC batteryless E-ink EPD technology,the display content can be changed repeatedly, according to different needs in the supply chain process. Automatically change the surface display according to environmental and management requirements and effectively save the cost of repeatedly printing paper labels. Operators in the entire supply chain no longer need to find old labels everywhere to apply new labels, and only need a handheld machine to perform operations, with the overall system software.In warehousing operations, storage location information that needs to be transported can be stored, and the operator can directly carry out the transport operation in accordance with the instructions of electronic paper storage, eliminating the need for secondary confirmation and system update operations, which can effectively improve the overall management efficiency and reduce the probability of wrong operations.

Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. responsible for the IoT. It is committed to batteryless ultra-low power E-ink tag hardware solutions. E-ink EPDtag technology fully utilizes the features of low power consumption refresh of E-ink screens and static electricity to maintain images without electricity. It can be widely used in all walks of life, replacing traditional paper labels, to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and artificial probability of error, and can be erased and written hundreds of thousands of times.


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