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Digital China: Digital RMB are exposed
Release time: 2021-06-30
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From April 25th to 29th, the 4th Digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition was held in Fuzhou. Under the leadership of the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute, a special digital RMB exhibition area was opened at the Achievement Exhibition. For the first time, a number of institutions, including the six major operators, showcased the features, technology base, results and application scenarios of the digital RMB.

Meanwhile, the digital RMB exhibition area can be described as soft and hard products, and various application scenarios have appeared. The six major banks have directly come to the landing PK of application results. The audience can also fully understand the basic concepts of digital RMB and experience various forms Digital RMB wallet, and experience the various scenes of its landing.

One of the most interesting is the digital RMB card hardware wallet in various forms. The following mobile payment network will bring you the form of some card hardware wallets at this exhibition and its payment process.

The wallet form of digital RMB can be divided into App wallet and hardware wallet. Among them, a hardware wallet refers to a physical medium for storing digital RMB issued through a counter or electronic channel, and a digital RMB carrier with a hardware security unit medium. It also has basic functions such as cashing out, redeeming, loading, loading, consumption, transfer, and inquiry. For example, mobile phones with SE security elements, NFC-SIM cards, bank cards, and wearable devices. Among them, the card-type hardware wallet is a more typical form of hardware wallet.
From the form and function of card hardware wallets, it can be divided into three specific products:
One is a standard card-type hardware wallet, which adopts a traditional bank card form and has no display function on the card surface. The payment operation is completed through the touch of NFC and cannot be actively collected;
The second is an ordinary video card hardware wallet, which integrates an IC security chip and an electronic paper display, and supports NFC communication. You can check balances, consumption records and other information when paying, but it is also unable to actively collect payments;
The third type is a full-featured hardware wallet, which integrates an IC security chip, an electronic paper display, and buttons. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth module. It can be used as a payment terminal to perform transactions with an IC card hardware wallet. Renminbi collection can also be used as a payment terminal to conduct transactions with POS terminals to complete digital Renminbi payment. At the same time, you can query transaction details and set up wallets.
It is worth noting that although the first two types of card hardware wallets cannot actively complete the collection operation (no buttons and no power supply), they can actively initiate payment through a full-featured hardware wallet, and then accept it as a passive party to complete the payment. Collection operation.
In addition to the different functions of the three types of card-type hardware wallets, their use is also different. For example, the first two types of card-type hardware wallets do not need to be actively charged, and the second type of screen can be done through contactless payment. Power supply; and the third type requires the use of specific charging equipment for charging. For another example, the first two types of card hardware wallets need to interact with special devices or NFC mobile phones through NFC to perform recharge operations, while the third type can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth for recharge.

In addition, some card-type hardware wallets have added a fingerprint module for payment authentication; some card-type hardware wallets integrate multi-application wallets, in addition to a built-in digital RMB wallet, but also a health code, Other applications such as access control cards.
In addition, various banks have also developed special-shaped card-type hardware wallets for different application scenarios and users, such as smart watches, bracelets, crutches for the elderly, and mobile phone headset cases displayed by ICBC; various winter Olympic gloves displayed by Bank of China Hardware wallets in the form of, watches, etc.; Digital RMB hardware wallets in the form of "copper money" displayed by the Agricultural Bank of China in Xiongan.

At present, in addition to the card form, the hardware wallet of digital RMB also has a mobile hardware wallet based on the SE security chip and a SIM card hardware wallet. The latter two are simpler and more convenient in operation and payment process because their carrier is a mobile phone. Similar to a mobile phone transportation card, dual offline payments can also be made.
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