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Batteryless E-ink Aviation Luggage tag
Batteryless E-ink Aviation Luggage tag
Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd has launched an aviation-specific electronic display that can be powered by NFC radio frequency to drive E-ink screens and realize batteryless e-paper screen display. E-ink luggage tag can maintain images for a long time without batteries.

NFC is a near-field communication standard that is currently standard on mainstream mobile phones, such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OV. Most of them have built-in NFC chips. The communication frequency of NFC is 13.56MHz, and the receiving and coupling of the same frequency band through the coil can convert the radio frequency energy into current, similar to the principle of wireless charging. The difference is that NFC is still a standard data transmission protocol. While acquiring energy, it can also transmit communication data. The content information that needs to be displayed is transmitted to the CPU through the NFC protocol and displayed on the screen.


This e-ink luggage tag of Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd (www.uswiots.com) uses the e-ink tag screen, which is the same as the display screen of the kindle e-book. E-ink tag uses the principle of bistable nanometer black and white e-ink particles. The typical feature is that static display does not require electricity to maintain the image. The NFC radio frequency technology and e-ink screen statically maintain the image completely without electricity. The two are a perfect combination, which creatively realizes the e-ink luggage tag without battery. Since there is no built-in battery, the airline can safely board the flight with the luggage, and there is no need to worry about when the luggage tag will have no electricity.

Many people may not know the travel convenience brought by e-ink luggage tags. Imagine that the whole family is ready to travel,you can self-service check-in on your mobile phone one day in advance, and then use your mobile phone to generate an e-ink luggage tag information, which is swiped on the e-ink luggage tag through your mobile phone NFC. Even in the near future, there are airlines special logistics will check luggage in your home in advance, and passengers can travel without luggage from then on. With this batteryless e-ink luggage tag of Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd  all this will become possible.

The application field of NFC wireless power supply technology used by electronic luggage tags is not only an applications of luggage tags.

Support different specifications of e-ink screens:
2.13/ 2.9 inches; 3.7 inches; 4.2 inches; 4.3 inches; 6 inches; 7.5 inches; 10.2 inches; 13.3 inches...W
hich can be driven and displayed by RF power. No battery, maintenance-free, through the handheld terminal app, can be closed-loop management with the existing ERP system, MES management system, etc.
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