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Active Fingerprint Smart card

OEM/ODM Processing/ Lamination/Integration for Active Electronic Smart Card of biometric/authentic/IOT/OTP/FP developer Board

Product Details

Product Parameters

Active Fingerprint Smart card

OEM/ODM Processing/ Lamination/Integration for Active Electronic Smart Card of biometric/authentic/IOT/OTP/FP developer Board
1. Description
Union Smart and IDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE: IDEX and OTCQB: IDXAF) grandly launched a Non-contact Fingerprint Smart Card ( Biometric Security Smart Card), which provides simple, safe and personal touchless identity authentication for everyone, so as to avoid with frequently used PIN, passwords, signatures, public ID devices and keys, fingerprints can be used to prove their digital identity.
2. Introduction and Features
2.1 Introduction

The advanced cold laminating technology can cold laminate a 48*79mm PCB containing a variety of modules and components into a thin card, which can be safely carried with you for human-card interaction anytime.
IDEX is a biometric technology company specializing in fingerprint recognition and imaging technology in Norway. IDEX has been providing fingerprint sensors, biometric software and other security solutions for ID cards, bank cards, access control and mobile devices.
Union Smart and IDEX have reached a global partnership to provide fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions for personal identity verification, and provide an innovative IC card product for human-card interaction.

2.2 Advantages
  1. Support UID and MIFARE Plus SE -ISO14443A / 13.56Mhz
  2. Data encryption
  3. Fast response-verification speed: <600ms (milliseconds)
  4. Support direct fingerprint registration on the fingerprint card
  5. Advanced energy harvesting technology
  6. Ultra thin - Easy to carry
  7. Ultra low power consumption - Economical and Eco-friendly
  8. Highly accurate fingerprint authentication

2.3 Applications
There are many application scenarios for contactless fingerprint high frequency IC cards, such as attendance and access control, identity authentication, all-in-one card systems, and financial payments. In some chemical parks, oil zones, docks, banks, technology companies, corporate agencies, police stations, or prisons, where personnel access control is relatively strict, management with a relatively high level of security can be carried out to the greatest extent.



It can be widely used:
① Smart Finance (Fingerprint Credit Card)
② Smart community (community card, city card, parking card, gas card)
③ Smart campus (campus all-in-one card, lifelong student status card)
④ Smart medical (fingerprint health card)
⑤ Smart tourism (transportation card, ticket card)
⑥ Smart community (high-end membership card)
⑦ Smart office (access control card, employee card, identity authentication, etc.)
⑧ Smart shopping mall (shopping mall membership cards can collect dozens of cards in one)
⑨ Smart municipal administration (management of entry and exit of civil servants and government offices)
⑩ Smart transportation (important passages and vehicle management), etc. It is of great significance to cover a series of smart city solutions such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, leisure and health.

A. Contactless + Passive type (need to be used on a card reader with high power and continuous command, which has certain requirements for the card reader).
     Recommended card reader model: ACR1281U-C1 and Deca D8.
B. Contactless + Active type (can be used on most card readers)

Remarks: Built-in RFID (13.56mHz) chip type: M1 (S50, F08, etc.)
CPU (Desfire, PLUS, FM1280, etc.) or the model specified by the customer.

5. Working principle
The fingerprint image is collected mainly through the Sensor, and the fingerprint algorithm chip is used for fingerprint processing and comparison. If the comparison is passed, the financial IC card or IC access control attendance recognition function can be connected to conduct normal transactions or open the door; if the comparison fails, the financial IC or IC access control card function cannot be used.

In the case of supporting contactless and fingerprint verification, the fingerprint ID card application can be said to be almost perfect:
the fingerprint is entered when the card is issued, and the fingerprint is used when it is used. There is no need to worry about loss even if it is lost, and it only needs to cooperate with the basic NFC card reader device. can use. The fingerprints of the administrator and the user can be entered, so that the fingerprint card can be recycled and reused, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The fingerprint card reads and enters the fingerprint through NFC induction, and can be sensed in the following 3 ways:
Disclaimer: Shenzhen Union Smart IOT Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of the differences between this manual and the actual products. The company does not assume responsibility for property or personal injury caused by the abnormal operation of the customer. The customer is requested to develop the corresponding product according to the technical specifications and reference design in the manual.
Some Solutions You Can Choose   
1. Customers provide a complete set of Circuit Boards and Components, and our company is responsible for Packaging into cards

2. The customer provides the Main Components, BOM list and Design Principles. Our company is responsible for PCB design other components procurement,PCB production,  component patch welding, and finally  packaging into cards

3. Customers provide design ideas,all other processes are completed by our company

Introduction to Cold Press Card
The cold laminating card adopts low temperature lamination technology (cold laminating technology). The internal structure of the cold pressing card is mainly composed of PCB circuit board, lithium polymer battery, IC integrated chip, and Bluetooth function module.
Function introduction: The working status of the card can be controlled through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, and the security information and consumption information of the card can be grasped at any time.

What the Cold laminating technology can do

Cold laminating equipment
Process Comparison of Cold Laminating Card and Traditional Injection Card
  Cold Laminating Card Traditional Injection Card
Cost of production 1. Low cost
2. Suitable for small batch diversified production needs
Tens of thousands of mold fees
Card thickness
1.The card is thin
2.The general thickness is 0.84-1.6mm
3.Easy to carry and use
Card Size
Layout printing The surface of the card is suitable for printing in various colors, and like the credit card creen printing only
Wastage 1. It can be laminated at 50 ℃, and has no effect on the temperature of electronic components and batteries.
2. High temperature resistant materials are used on both sides of the circuit board to effectively isolate the higher temperature battery and impact of the life of electronic components.
Can not effectively isolate the outside temperature, traditional lamination is easy to cause the battery and electronic components over temperature high and damaged.


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