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Cold Laminating Series

OEM/ODM Cold Laminating Technology

OEM/ODM Processing/ Lamination/Integration for Active Electronic Smart Card of biometric/authentic/IOT/OTP/FP developer Board

Product Details

Product Parameters

OEM/ODM Cold Laminating Technology
OEM/ODM Processing/ Lamination/Integration for Active Electronic Smart Card of biometric/authentic/IOT/OTP/FP developer Board
Introduction to Cold laminating Card
The Cold laminating card adopts low temperature lamination technology (cold lamination technology). The internal structure of the cold laminating card is mainly composed of PCB circuit board, lithium polymer battery, IC integrated chip, and Bluetooth function module.
Function introduction: The working status of the card can be controlled through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, and the security information and consumption information of the card can be grasped at any time.

Product Description
√ Sensor Pixel size : 131x132
√ Sensor Resolution: 350dpi
√ Module size : 81 x 49(mm)
√ Secure Element MCU
√ Dual Interface
√ No Battery
√ No Supercapacitor

Fast performance
√ Authentication Speed : ~ 0.7s (max), 0.5s (avg)
√ Template size : 0.5k per 1 ID

Thanks to our advanced cold lamination technology, it is easy to ensure the fingerprint inlay performance and laminate into thin card of CR80 size.

Spec. UIF300 Module (Flexible)
Sensor Pixel 131 x 132
Sensor Resolution 350dpi
Sensor Size 14.7 x 14.7 x 0.6mm
Algorithm MCU Cortex-M4
Response Time 600ms
FAR (False Acceptance Rate) < 0.001% (Security Level 3)
FRR (False Rejection Rate)   < 1% (Security Level 3)  
Fingerprint Capacity   < 5  
Communication I/F ISO7816 & I2C  
Operating Voltage +2.5V or +3.3V  
Standby Current   < 1mA  
Operating(Match) Current   < 8mA  
Operating Temp.   -10°C ~ +50°C  
Module Size   81 x 49mm  
Lamination   85.6 x 53.8mm (ISO 7816)  
Recognition distance   2cm (contactless) / HID OMNIKEY5421  
Strong Point   No Battery, No Supercapacitor  



Some Solutions You Can Choose              
1. Customers provide a complete set of Circuit Boards and Components, and our company is responsible for Packaging into cards
2. The customer provides the Main Components, BOM list and Design Principles. Our company is responsible for PCB design other components procurement,PCB production,  component patch welding, and finally  packaging into cards
3. Customers provide design ideas,all other processes are completed by our company.

Remarks: Our fingerprint smart card could be used for high secured access control and payment which could store biometric data and personal data.


What the Cold laminating technology can do
BLuetooth card
Cold laminating equipment
PCBA        PCBA  Card        PCBA Financial Cold Wallet Card        PCBA

                 FPCBA       PCBA Financial Cold Wallet Card     BLE CARD             PCBA Financial Cold Wallet Card                             
Professional Processing Package: Financial Visual Card, electronic wallet, digital RMB, electronic cold chain wallet, Block Chain Card, Bluetooth visual card, etc. .                                    

Process Comparison of Cold Laminating Card and Traditional Injection Card
  Cold Laminating Card Traditional Injection Card
Cost of production
1. Low cost
2. Suitable for small batch diversified      production needs
  Tens of thousands of mold fees
Card thickness
1.The card is thin
2.The general thickness is 0.84-1.6mm
3.Easy to carry and use
1. 3-8mm
Layout printing The surface of the card is suitable for printing in various colors, and like the credit card screen printing only
Wastage 1. It can be laminated at 50 ℃, and has no effect on the temperature of electronic components and batteries.
2. High temperature resistant materials are used on both sides of the circuit board to effectively isolate the higher temperature battery and impact of the life of electronic components.
Can not effectively isolate the outside temperature, traditional lamination is easy to cause the battery and electronic components over temperature high and damaged.


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