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Special Shaped PCBA Payment card

Special Shaped Cold Wallet Payment Card

The special-shaped hardware wallet supports personalized customization, no mold fee and design fee, and small batch orders can be placed. It can be used in many fields, including electronic wallets, all-in-one cards, membership points cards, password stor

Product Details

Product Parameters

Special Shaped Cold Wallet Payment Card

Product description
Union Smart - Hardware Wallet has built-in high-performance security chips and low-power e-paper screens, Bluetooth modules and touch button modules, and can be customized to configure OTP modules. We can provide SDK for secondary development. Developers can develop applications to control the display content and the functions that need to be implemented, including payment, positioning, attendance, finding objects, etc. And can establish communication with the mobile phone through Bluetooth.
Main product composition
a. Electronic paper ink screen (E-ink dot matrix ink screen, segment code screen optional)
b. Security Chip SE-Main Control (mainly provided by payment system providers)
c. NFC chip
d. Button module (optional)
e. Fingerprint module (optional)
f. Bluetooth module (optional)
g. RFID chip (optional)
h. Other electronic components

Product Features
a. Patented cold laminating technology
b. Personalized customization
c. Provide SDK package to meet various development needs
d. Low-power e-paper ink screen
e. ISO14443 and Bluetooth communication interface
f. Extended API allows applet to control keyboard and display
g. Rechargeable battery

 Mainly function of the product
a. Based on the smart card security element chip, the private key is generated and stored locally.
b. Absolutely cold wallet, the private key never touches the Internet, safe and worry-free.
c. Display screen and buttons, every transaction is visible and digitally signed, and can be checked at any time.
d. Numeric keyboard, input PIN code and recovery phrase are safe and reliable.
e. The smart card can be replaced, the wallet is unlimited, and it is easy to back up.

 Advantage of Cold lamination Technology
The cold laminating card sealing process (PCBA丨FPCBA) independently researched and developed by Union Smart breaks the traditional hot laminating, embeds the circuit board PCB in the card, and encapsulates the components such as thin batteries, Bluetooth modules, blockchains, switches, etc., which can be widely used Communication, financial payment, object positioning and other fields.
Meanwhile, it can be customized to add electronic ink display, fingerprint module, NFC, RFID, buzzer, etc. to achieve specific application functions.

 Invention patent 
(Patent# ZL201610452484.2)

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