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LH-GW003 Bluetooth gateway

The LH-GW003 Bluetooth gateway is used to monitor the wireless signals of BLE Bluetooth devices and implement monitoring and management of BLE Bluetooth devices. It can monitor any BLE Bluetooth device data, read iBeacon and Eddystone in beacon or custom

Product Details

Product Parameters

LH-GW003 Bluetooth gateway

Product Features
1. Adopt NRF52832 Bluetooth chip, ultra-high bluetooth receiving sensitivity, realize large-scale monitoring
2. Cortex-M4 microcontroller core, ultra high speed processing speed
3. Supports three data upload methods: MQTT, HTTP and websocket
4. Can scan a variety of BLE data types (directional broadcast, non-directional broadcast, connectable broadcast and unconnectable broadcast)
5. Can be filtered by RSSI
6. Simultaneously read the broadcast information of multiple BLE devices and upload to the remote server
7. Built-in camera to ensure product stability
8. BLE PCB antenna
9. Support software upgrade in the air
√ Indoor Positioning
√ Parking management
√ Asset Management
√ Remote monitoring
√ Temperature and Humidity monitoring
√ Light detection
√ People management
√ Automated industry

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