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Dialog DA14585 Bleutooth 5.0 Recharge iBeacon card

Perfect combination of DA14585 iBeacon module OTP standard Apple iBeacon protocol or TBA with RFID/NFC chipset to realize indoor tracking and smart interaction and RF identification

Product Details

Product Parameters

Dialog DA14585 Bleutooth 5.0 Recharge iBeacon card

1. The DA14585 SoC used in the rechargeable active Bluetooth card has all the advantages of the industry-leading DA14580 and provides greater flexibility.

2. Ability to develop more advantageous products with minimum size and power.

3. At present, there are mainly wired charging / wireless charging methods, which support standard Apple iBeacon protocol or private protocol customization.            
You can choose the charging mode according to your needs
Wireless recharge USB magnetic charging cable USB clip charging cable


Technical Parameter
Bluetooth protocol BLE5.0
Transmit power  4dBm (-20--4dBm)
Broadcast time  500ms (default) can be set
Transmission distance 25m
Button function Press the button once to wake up the Bluetooth card
Press again, switch off  the Bluetooth card;
LED light Charging process: LED red light is switch on
Full charge: LED green light switch on
Bluetooth card wake up: LED blue light flashes once;
Bluetooth card sleep: LED blue light flashes twice;
Sound (buzzer) greater than 70dB
Battery capacity 100mAh
Low battery switch off support
Low battery LED reminder  support
Charging mode wireless charging (support Qi1.2.3 and above wireless charging standard protocol), wired charging
Battery detection support
Use time on one charge above 90 days (0dBm, 500ms)
Additional features
Chip S50 / Ntag216 or customized
Antenna adopts winding coil method
Communication protocol  ISO / IEC14443TypeA
Communication frequency 13.56MHz
Reading distance more than 3cm (Longjie ACR122 card reader)
Battery certification  UN38.3, MSDS certification
Bluetooth certification  BQB certification
Electronic product certification  CE, FCC, TELEC, KC, RoHS
Other  EMC certification, ESD certification

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