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LH-LYZZC001-1A Mode: DA14585

Wireless Recharge BLE 5.0 DA14585 card Selfie Tracker

Standard Apple iBeacon protocol combined with BLE finding protocol-to achieve indoor locaiton and interaction between your phone and wallet.

Product Details

Product Parameters

                                                                                       Bluetooth Anti-lost Smart Card                                                         
                                                                               Bluetooth Camera Smart Card                                                           
Bluetooth Camera Smart Card 
Professional Processing Package: Financial Visual Card, electronic wallet, digital RMB, electronic cold chain wallet, Block Chain Card, Bluetooth visual card, etc. .   
Function description
Support system Android 4.2 or above, provide APK debugging and development interface documents for secondary development
Alarm method LED / buzzer
Alarm distance adjustment support, 5/10 / 20m
GPS record Embed Baidu map in APP (Google map supports self-embedding)
Remote photography support
Features Wireless charging
Features The basic item anti-lost function + ultra-thin design is very suitable for friends who often forget to bring a wallet. It is a high-end anti-lost gift specially designed for wallets.


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