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Digital Shelf Label ESL Eink Series

2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label丨ESL

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2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label丨ESL

The 2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label uses the combination of Bluetooth and electronic paper display technology to replace traditional paper labels. First, the external Bluetooth screen reader is attracted by the built-in magnet of the label, and the items on the visual label are modified with a Bluetooth-enabled device Information, no battery is needed in the tag, and RFID chip is built-in to realize that each tag has a unique UID code, which can be used for small-scale shopping malls, factory assembly line production statistics and time attendance swiping cards.

2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label 丨E-ink丨ESL product features
  1. Built-in RFID chip, each electronic shelf label has a unique ID number;
  2. Moisture-proof and dust-proof seal design;
  3. Pure passive design, no battery power supply for label work;
  4. The product has many advantages, such as long screen distance, fast screen speed, and good matching with screen device;
  5. The use of low-cost patented design solutions realizes the sharing of drive modules and effectively reduces product costs.

2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label 丨E-ink丨ESL product Applications

2.9 inch Bluetooth Eink label 丨E-ink丨ESL Technical Parameter
Model LH-LYBQ2902B
Screen technology EPD dot matrix electronic paper
Screen size 66.90*29.06mm
Resolution 128(H)*296(V)
Pixel (DPI) 112
Screen color black and white
RFID chip support
Mode Split type use with Bluetooth screen refresher
Bluetooth technology BLE4.0
Communication distance >10m
Battery model Passive
battery capacity
Supply voltage
Battery Life
Product size 112.5mm*45mm*3.5mm
Product shell ABS
Product color white
Product weight 29.1g
Working temperature 0-40℃
Working humidity less than 70%
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