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iBeacon card in Nursing Home

The backstage computer database can search the health data of individuals or different types of elderly people in different ways such as name, age, etc., and can view personal problems or public problems;

Product Details

Product Parameters

iBeacon card in Nursing Home
Requirement Analysis -- Traditional nursing home main problems 
1. The location of the elderly in the nursing home is unknown. It's not convenient for the staff to arrive at the specific location
2. Many elderly people easy lost way in nursing homes
3. The health of the elderly is unstable. Unable to monitor in real time
4. The elderly can't get contact with staff in time

Application Technical Support
1. iBeacon technology introduction
iBeacon is a new feature on IOS (IOS 7) for mobile devices released by apple in September 2013,
• Its working mode is that: devices equipped with lowpower Bluetooth (ble) communication function use ibeacon technology to send their own unique ID to the surrounding, 
• and the application software receiving the ID will take some actions according to the ID. For example, if you set up the ibeacon communication module in the store, you can run it on the iPhone and iPad - the information notification server, or the server can send discount coupons and entry points to customers. 
• In addition, ibeacon can be used to send information to the application software when the appliance fails or stops working

2. Technical principle
The ibeacon device is deployed at a certain interval according to the positioning accuracy, requirements to ensure that the user device will have three beacon coverage in real time. 
The user intelligent device scans the beacon signal and obtains the current user location through the processing of the positioning engine.
ibeacon Bluetooth positioning technology with an accuracy of 1-5m adjustable.


①The beacon device sends small packets, and the smart device will listening,and it senses that there is a beacon card /bracelet nearby.
②When the ibeacon card/bracelet is in the signal radiation range of beacon, the communication and wireless transmission between the Bluetooth gateway and the tag are triggered.
③Bluetooth gateway transmits data to the computer background through WiFi or wired network, and monitors the location data at the computer.

Comparison of indoor positioning technology

Key product introduction
“Cloud beacon” developed by USC technology, is the first ibeacon Bluetooth gateway in China,It supports WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth data transmission, network cable power supply, remote online management of multiple ibeacons, WiFi probes, reverse personnel positioning, human traffic monitoring, cloud patrol, geofencing, etc. Application scenarios: shopping center, campus, enterprise factory, office building, tourist attraction, underground parking lot, etc. The accuracy of passive positioning can be adjusted up to 1-5m.


Technical framework


Application Scenarios Solution - Wearable device
1. Admitted the nursing home and registration of the elderly

2. Positioning and route tracking

3. Positioning and route tracking

4. Geographical Geo-fencing of nursing home

5. Geographical Geo-fencing of nursing home

6. Health management for the elderly

Main function nodes of wearable equipment
Health monitoring medical assistance
The electronic map of the backstage computer can not only display the real-time position and movement track of the elderly wearing the ibeacon card/bracelet,but also record the important physiological data such as the heart rate and pulse of the old man through the bracelet;
The physique of the elderly needs to be observed from time to time. Only with this data can we prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases and make more scientific arrangements for the daily activities and diet of the elderly.

7. Health management for the elderly
Health monitoring medical assistance
The backstage computer database can search the health data of individuals or different types of elderly people in different ways such as name, age, etc., and can view personal problems or public problems;
The monitoring of health in nursing homes is helpful to reduce the cost of emergency medical treatment and ensure the safety of the elderly.

Deploy implementation solution
Main function nodes of wearable equipment
Basis 1: product characteristics -- Beacon card /bracelet; Could beacon gateway
Radio frequency:2.4G Could beacon gateway
Coverage distance: Radius 50 meters
Project implementation cycle: 1000 ㎡, 2 persons /3 day

Basis 2: positioning principle
Bluetooth positioning is based on the "triangle positioning algorithm"of BLE 4.0; 
Due to the low power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0, the ideal positioning distance of Bluetooth beacon isrecommended to be within 6 meters.
In addition, according to the algorithm principle, the target position is expected to be surrounded by more than three beacons to achieve the best positioning effect.so the basic principle is to use beacon to divide the space into small spaces according to the appropriate distance.
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