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iBeacon Badge type beacon base station

Small and exquisite iBeacon, easy to carry, dustproof, shockproof.LOGO can be customized

Product Details

Product Parameters

iBeacon Badge type beacon base station 
iBeacon Badge type beacon base station 
Item name Small and Exquisite iBeacon
Transmit power
Static low current 6ua or so
Product size 54*30*6mm
Battery capacity 210mAh
Bluetooth chip CSR1010,V4.1
Protocol Emission Current
10ma or so static low
The radio power -18~+7.5dbm(adjustable)
Transmission distance 3-80m(adjustable)
Battery life 0.5 1-year
Wisdom scenic spot
1. Map navigation
2. Intelligent navigation (audio, graphic)
3. Precise geographical location service
4. Enough tickets for the scenic spot
5. Tourism service and souvenir recommendation


Wisdom business circle
1. Efficient drainage
2. Accurate information push
3. Indoor navigation and positioning
4. Enough tickets for the scenic spot
5. Data of user behavior

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